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The purpose of Computerised Information Technology Limited over the last 23 years, has been to carry out Research & Development, manufacture and supply advanced digital radiography systems into the medical and industrial markets worldwide, provide digital radiography training to new graduates and working professional who want to build their careers in NDE radiography testing, provide NDT specialist inspection services for quality control /quality assurance based upon radiographic and complementary technologies to the industry.

CIT is an ISO9001 approved system engineering company that utilizes the latest technology to be incorporated into its products. This may consist of high performance servers, wide area networking, advanced image processing based solutions, software development, and electronic data archiving. CIT's products comprise Digital Radiography, Film Digitization Systems, OPACS (Object Picture Archiving Communications System) and Integrated Clinic Management System(ICMS).

Main Contact :-

Mrs. J. Sood
(Chairman/Managing Director)

4-5, Centurion court, Brick Close, Kiln Farm,
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK11 3JB, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1908 260082
Fax:+44 (0) 1908 260084
Email: info@cituk.com

Mission Statement

CIT's mission is to provide high quality of professional service, systems, knowledge transfer, and skill building of the customer, to act as base for them in conducting inspection and safety assessment. This generates evidence and let the customers manage the risks associated with product liability regultaions, which in turn reduces the total cost of ownership for end users.

Our Strengths...

Our Strengths...

Incorporating 33 years of expertise in NDT Electronic Radiography,          CIT has a proven 22 year track record in this industry

Research and Development with other European partners in different       sectors

Performance that meets with the international standards

Solutions based upon solid foundations of computing architecture and   components that can be customized

Defined strategy and roadmap to achieve leadership

Flexible and adaptable infrastructure with customer interests

Working as a partner to reduce total cost of ownership of applications

Excellent customer support from UK office

ISO9001 registered company

CIT's Core Skills
CIT's Core Skills

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Organization Chart

Chairman /Managing Director - Mrs. J.Sood
Finance Director - Mr. N.Haider
Technical Director - Mr R. Rabheru