CIT/CT8100 Family of Computed Tomography Solutions

CIT is geared towards providing turnkey solutions on existing radiation base, while at the same time moving forward towards the advanced technologies - the Computed Tomography. Yes, although CT long ago set its foothold in medical field, now it is ready to change the NDT industrial radiography.

With the advent of high sensitivity flat panel detectors and microfocus x-ray generators that enable high quality imaging with very low radiation dosage, CIT has come up with its CT8100 family of computed tomography solutions. These solutions are accompanied by powerful image analysis software to automate defect detection and minimise human effort.

To start with, CIT provides its customers with the following four options:

1. CT8100-80-33um: CT8100 CT system with 80kV microfcus x-ray tube providing 33 micron resolution
2. CT8100-120-50um: CT8100 CT system with 120kV microfcus x-ray tube providing 50 micron resolution
3. CT8100-225-5um: CT8100 CT system with 225kV microfcus x-ray tube providing 5 micron resolution
4. CT8100-240-2um: CT8100 CT system with 240kV microfcus x-ray tube providing less than 2 micron resolution, depending on the length of rod anode

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