Digital Computed Radiography Rentals

Subject to availability, CIT maintains a number of Digital Computed Radiography Systems that the worldwide customers can rent/hire/lease for short to medium term durations, varying from two weeks to six months and longer if necessary. Full training and technical advise is provided for each system supplied.

This enables business service opportunities to be addressed for the NDT inspection service providers. Also, to the manufacturers they can test and use the technology for verifying their internal quality control inspection requirements by conducting trials and once satisfied they can consider purchasing the technology at that time.

Following high performance systems can be supplied:-

1. Radiograph Film Digitisation Systems
2. Digital Computed Radiography Technology (20 micron to 100 micron technology)
3. Digital Computed Radiography Technology (50 or 100 micron technology
4. Digital Computed Radiography Technology (43 micron to 100 micron technology
5. NDE Radiograph Retrieval Systems

The above offering will enable organisation to conduct corrosion and condition monitoring.