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BAM ARTIST Radiographic Simulator

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aRTist is a computer based software application that can be loaded and run on Microsoft Windows operating systems. The tool generates radiographic images based on the material attenuation properties by ray tracing arbitrary samples. Producing an efficient radiographic technique depends on the various parameters that affect the functioning of the different critical components of the inspection process.

The aRTist package allows varying these control parameters as per the requirement in the process to produce the most effective RT before carrying out the radiography in practice. The tool enables the operator to define:

> The radiographic source by describing its spectrum, radiation density and energy
> The object to be inspected by describing its geometry using the standard STL format CAD packages
> The detector by describing its characteristic film curves


> Reduces radiographic technique development time from days to minutes
> Enables optimization of radiographic techniques for correct set-up and exposure conditions rather than relying on multiple real-world trials
> Radiographic techniques are printable and can be archived electronically
> Material changes can now be evaluated in advance so that techniques are in place when substitutions begin
> Radiographic testing of prototype and small-run production are made economically
aRTist software screenshot
aRTist - CT

The aRTist CT software application incorporates 3D Virtual Computed Tomography Simulation functionality. This visualization enables the product (in the form of CAD 3D model) to be radiographically analyzed for known flaws of discernability within a 3D CAD object. This provides the user to set up their optimum radiographic techniques for NDE technical justification of the products.

The aRTist-CT enables X-ray sources and Gamma sources to be modelled along with the Film, DR, CR detectors. The product in the form or a CAD Model can be loaded with the defined materials. Flaws of known sizes along with IQIs can be generated in CAD and can be inserted into the product CAD drawings. This also allows flaw validation and quantification accuracies to be measured. By using the well-proven ray tracing the radiograph images are generated.

This method of verification and validation improves the ability of design engineers, inspection-planning department to create radiographic inspection techniques at the much reduced time than actual CT acquisition. The simulation enables the exposure parameters to be worked out which reduces the overall time, and the information can be used to operate the CT at the parameters.

The aRTist package is a powerful NDT inspection generation tool that can assist in the inspection qualification of components. Further it can eliminate the requirements to cut cross sections of physical components. Also the ARTIST CT can be used to check the accuracy of the measurements against the known flaw sizes.
aRTist CT software screenshot
NDT Digital Radiography Inspection Technologies  >  BAM ARTIST Radiographic Simulator